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Hi! We're David and Sara, the founders of Ragi


Studied Psychology

 Passionate about nutrition and mental health

If we are what we eat, Sara is (vegan) cheese

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Studied Hospitality Management in EHL

Passionate about animals and sustainability 

If we are what we eat,

David is bread

These are the Ragis


Ragi means ferment in Indonesian. They are responsible for transforming the food during fermentation. It's thanks to them that we can enjoy delicious kombucha, kefir, kimchi, or tempeh.

Our story

It's 2020 and the world is on hold because of a pandemic. We just lost our jobs and are told to stay at home. 

In our tiny studio in East London, David makes his first kimchi and Sara reads about the gut-brain connection.

A week later, David stops his production because the flat smells like farts. Instead, he buys Noma's book and begins to research about fermentation around the world. On the other hand, Sara starts thinking not only about what she likes eating but also about what is good for her gut microbes. Six months later we decide to come back to Switzerland and share everything we have learnt. 



To share food that inspires others to live a healthier and more conscious life.


for the environment,
for the animals,
for consumers.

That is why...

All our products are vegan, made with organic and seasonal ingredients, and sourced mainly in Switzerland or nearby European countries. 


We constantly look for sustainable solutions in our processes and packaging. 

Did you know you can bring your empty bottles and jars to us or any of Ragi's resellers? We reuse them even with the label!

Our products are literally full of life.

We didn't want to compromise on taste and nutrition, regardless of the challenges associated with it.

That's why you
 won't find pasteurized or filtered products at Ragi


We offer a variety of fermented foods and flavours to help you diversify your gut microbiome in a natural, sustainable, and exciting way.

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