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Subscription Packs:

Never run out of your favourite ferments


A recipe in every box

Swap, skip, or cancel anytime


Add products to your box with no extra shipping cost


10% off every



Exclusive discounts and special editions

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What people are saying...

Got questions? We have answers

What are the payment options?

By card or Paypal. Notice that this will be a recurrent payment. The moment there is no money in the account, the system will automatically cancel your subscription and you'll need to resubscribe yourself

When will I get my box? 

Usually, every Wednesday or Thursday of each month, after the date of your subscription.

Can I subscribe to multiple products?

You'll need to subscribe separately and select "Pick up at Ragi" for the second subscription to avoid paying double shipping.

Can I subscribe double?

Yes, you can add a subscription as many times as you want

What happens if I don't like a product?

Send us an email at and we'll swap it for a different item


How can I add products to my box?

At any given time, place an order with the products you want and select "pick up at Ragi" as the delivery option (to avoid extra shipping fees). We'll know it's you and we'll include the products in your next box without additional costs.

How can I skip, swap or unsubscribe?

Send us an email at with your request and we'll do it for you

Can I subscribe a friend?

Absolutely! Just type their name and address instead of yours

If you have further questions, send us an email at and we'll be happy to help you

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