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6 bottles of seasonal Ragi Water Kefir (330mL). Mix of flavours.


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Water kefir is a naturally carbonated raw fermented beverage consumed many years ago in Mexico, Japan, and the Caucasus regions. Made of a sweet water solution, infused with organic fruits and botanicals. A great alternative to artificially carbonated and sugary sodas. Most of the sugar is consumed by living microorganisms during fermentation.


Vegan and lactose-free.


Ingredients: Filtered Water, Water Kefir Grains* (micro-organism), Beet Sugar*, Fruits*(depending on the flavour. Check individual flavours for more information).


*Certified Organic


Can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 months due to its low pH. The longer you leave it, the stronger the taste and smell, as living bacteria will keep fermenting the drink. We recommend drinking it within 1 week. ​​​​ It’s a slightly carbonated drink. Do not shake the bottle. ​​​​ Sediments at the bottom of the bottle are normal. ​​


Drink it on its own, with ice, or mix it to create fabulous living cocktails or vinaigrettes. Any time is good to drink water kefir!


The label is made with recycled stone. No water, wood, acid, or bleach is required for its production, which makes them more sustainable than regular plastic or paper materials.


We reuse the bottles. You can bring them back to any of these points.

Tibicos (Water Kefir) Pack (Save 10%)

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