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6 seasonal Ragi Kombucha bottles (330mL). Mix of flavours. 


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Kombucha is a raw unpasteurized fermented drink. Made with tea, and infused with organic fruits.  Unlike most artificially carbonated kombuchas and soft drinks, our kombucha contains natural bubbles. It was originated in China 2.200 years ago and considered a "longevity elixir".


Vegan and lactose-free.


Ingredients: Filtered  Water*, SCOBY* (micro-organisms), Beet Sugar*, Black Tea*(Portugal), Fruits*/Veggies*/Botanicals* (depending on the flavour. Check individual flavours for more information).


* Certified Organic

Can be stored in the fridge for up to 6 months. The longer you leave it, the stronger the taste, as living microorganisms will slowly keep fermenting the drink. ​


Do not shake the bottle, kombucha has some carbonation in it. ​

You may find a brown pellicle in your kombucha. That’s totally normal and safe to consume, it’s just cellulose produced by the bacteria. It's actually a sign that your kombucha is not pasteurized. 


Have it on its own, add it to your smoothies or create delicious mocktails. Any time is good to drink kombucha!


We reuse the bottles. You can bring them back to any of these points.

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