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Traditional Korean food made of fermented vegetables and seasonings.

 Sour, spicy, umami, and crunchy 

Have it as a side or appetizer. Add it to your soups and stews. Mix it with rice or noodles. Try kimchi omelet or kimchi pancakes. Throw some kimchi to your pizza or bolognese. Put it on your morning avo toast for a healthy good bacteria-boosting breakfast. 



Good source of fiber

Contains enhanced quantities of vitamins and minerals (especially vitamins from the B family and vitamin K)

Contains healthy acids (such as GABA), and other beneficial compounds like melatonin

Great source of antioxidants

Contains natural probiotics and prebiotics that supports your gut health

Storage & consumption

Kimchi will keep well in the fridge for 3 months. After that date, it will still be tasty and safe to consume but the flavor and texture may change. The longer you leave it in the fridge, the more intense and sour kimchi gets. 

Ingredients: Swiss Nappa Cabbage*, Swiss Garlic*, Swiss Fruit*, Miso Paste (Soy)*, Swiss Onion*,  Red Pepper Flakes, Ginger*


*Certified Organic

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Organic Ingredients



Lactose Free

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In Season

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Ragis and process

The ragis involved in kimchi-making are a mix of bacteria and yeast, especially lactic acid bacteria (LAB). These microorganisms are already present in the raw veggies, which means no starting culture is needed to kick off the fermentation.  Pre-soaking the veggies in a salty brine sets the perfect conditions for LAB to flourish and grow. We then add some spices and let it all ferment for 7 days.