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 Fermented Specialties 


Microorganisms used for millennia to make our foods more delicious and nutritious 

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Organic ingredients, carefully sourced within Switzerland and Europe

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Artisanally made in Lutry

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Raw and alive

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Celebrate Lover's Day with our Candied Violet Limited Edition Kombucha

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Not your average soft drinks

Tasty and delicious.

Low in sugar.

Not pasteurised nor filtered to keep the good microorganisms alive.

Crunchy,juicy,and umami

A staple in Korean cuisine. Kimchi adds flavour to your dishes and life.

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The indonesian alternative to meat

38 g of protein. Non-processed. High in fiber and flavor.

Subscription packs: the best way to experience Ragi


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Health: Support your gut health in a natural way

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Ragi Fermented Food

Hello! We're David and Sara

We met in London, where we spent 6 months of confinement together in the middle of a pandemic. During that time, we started to experiment with fermentation and dive deeper into health and nutrition research. At the end of 2020 we came back to Switzerland and created Ragi to share the fermentation love.

Recipes and more

Get a taste of who we are at Ragi! Learn about digestive health, discover fun recipes and more from the Ragi community.

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