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Candied Violet Kombucha

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Valentine's day is to celebrate love. Not only romantic love but all types of love. 


For this limited edition, we found inspiration in our home countries, France and Spain


Even though we grew up in separate cities, candied violets were part of both our childhoods, and we loved them!


The Violet is also considered the flower of love because of its intense smell (and color). 


So we thought it would be beautiful to use them for this limited edition


In France, the Viola odorata was introduced from northern Italy, under Napoleon III. It was cultivated in Toulouse at the beginning of the 19th century. This bloom was unique at a time when flowers were rare during the winter. It was first sold in bouquets. It wasn’t until the beginning of the 20th century that confectioners started to crystalize violets and sell them as candy. 


In Spain, these candies are a symbol of Madrid. “La Violeta” Founded in 1915, is the oldest and most famous Violet candy shop in Madrid. It is said that King Alfonso XIII used to buy them for his wife Queen Victoria Eugenia.


In Toulouse, the manufacture n of this confectionery is very delicate. Essentially manual, it is made by crystallizing fresh flowers.

Screenshot 2022-01-28 09.43.21.png


Swiss Water, Swiss SCOBY* (micro-organism), Swiss Beet Sugar*, Black Tea*(Portugal), Candied violet, blue corn.


*Certified Organic

Organic Ingredients




Lactose Free

Non pasteurized

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